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Over 60's

Many people in their 60’s are tempted to cancel their Life Insurance Policies, so they can save some extra money, particularly if they have paid their mortgage. After all, with adult children who can take care of themselves – why bother with Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Cover however, does have some real-world benefits that are worth considering. For example, it helps to give each of your children an equal inheritance, particularly if you own a family business. Your Insurance Cover will also help if you become ill over the coming years, paying for your living expenses and even medical bills.

Your Insurance Policy can also provide for dependent children with disabilities who still need ongoing medical care and assistance with their daily living costs, when you can no longer be there to help them. Leaving your children with some form of financial stability, rather than outstanding debts is easy when you retain your Life Insurance Cover.

A sensible alternative to cancelling your Insurance Policy is to reduce your cover and premiums over time, freeing up some of your money to pay for your current expenses. This strategy gives you the best of both worlds.

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Over 50s

Over 60s

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