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Over 50's

With the cost of Insurance Cover increasing in your 50s you may be tempted to think about cancelling your Life Insurance Policy, particularly if you’ve paid off your mortgage and the children have left home.

Life Insurance Cover however, can be an important strategy that helps you to share your assets fairly amongst your loved ones. For example, if you leave a family business to one of your children, you can use your Life Insurance Cover to achieve an even split for the remaining children.

In your 50’s, a more realistic alternative to cancelling your Life Insurance Policy is to gradually reduce your cover over time, helping you to manage the cost of rising premiums. It’s important to realise that if you cancel your Life Insurance Policy and then regret your decision later – it is unlikely that you will receive the same cover for the same premiums and the same terms (given your age).

Holding onto your existing Insurance Cover and reducing your premiums is your most sensible option at this time in your life.

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